Rave Reviews

I don’t usually write reviews but, we love this game!!! The lightning fast shipping was just another bonus! I purchased this game for an upcoming family reunion but decided to go ahead and try it out. It was super easy to set up, we just filled the bags with play sand and started tossing! The game is great for kids. We played Sand Toss with our grand-kids. They had lots of fun and they were learning too! (We had them adding up the scores.) Our neighbor was watching us play and offered to buy our games. I told him to buy his own, I am keeping mine! Can’t wait to share this at our family reunion! – LY

Bought this toss game just before we left for the beach! Kids loved it! Entertaining for hours! – PM

Just brought this to the beach and had so much fun! Some folks next to us lugged their huge cornhole boards with them from home and were super jealous of how easy and transportable the game is. We had some tears in the seams of the bags, which slowly leaked, but nothing major. Great for any age group too. – AC

This SandHole Game is a lot of fun at the beach!! I just got back from a beach vacation and this game was a real hit. We had complete strangers joining in on the fun and we met some awesome
people because of this game. It comes in a carrying bag so it doesn’t take up a lot of room and it’s very portable and convenient.

Setup was pretty easy and took us 10 minutes because we set it up in wet sand so it did take a few to dig out the holes. It comes with 2 targets, 8 stakes, 2 cups that are easy to assemble, 8 sand bags, and a carrying bag.

The sand bags are easy to fill and stay closed with a strong velcro. This game is pretty much for all ages. You can put the targets as close together as you want for younger kids or as far as you want to make the game more difficult for adults.

The rules of the game are simple. Landing a bag in the cup earns you 3 points, landing a bag
on the target earns you 1 point. The first team to score 21 points WINS!! You can also make the game more difficult by needing an exact 21 points to win. If you exceed 21 points then you go back to 13 points. You can also make your own rules. The possibilities are endless!

This game can also be played in your own backyard. Just leave the sand in the bags like I did and set it up in your backyard (As long as you don’t mind digging 2 small holes for the cups.

Overall, we are loving this game and would recommend it. – CB

I bought this to take on vacation, but when I got it, I discovered a stake was missing. I emailed Sandbiz, and in a few days, I received the missing stake and an extra set of bags, plus another complete Sand Hole game, which I’ll give to my daughter! I’m very impressed with a company that does business this way, and I can’t wait to play the game! – JH

Recently purchased this game & took to the beach. Stores flat & doesn’t take up much space making it easy to pack. The game is easy to set up & good for any age. We even let the little kids play & they had a blast. Can’t think of anything negative to say. This game’s a keeper! – S

Bought this for the family vacation in Cancun — light, easy to pack and easy to set up on the beach. Just great to have while hanging out having cocktails on the sand!!! – D

Took this to Hilton Head for our family vacation. It is compact, easy to set up, and worked great. Kids and adults alike had a lot of fun with it. I would highly recommend it! – L

ThisSandHole! Corn Hole for the Beach does its job really well. I am so glad that I have it. Great find indeed! – CMB