About Us

SandBiz, LLC is the creator and manufacturer of SandHole the Beach Game and Sand-Toss.

SandBiz, LLC invented SandHole as an alternative to taking our Corn-Hole Boards to the beach. Since our launch of SandHole in 2009 we have continued to take feedback from customers, retailers, and distributors to refine the SandHole game quality and playability.

While SandHole continues to grow as a great game designed specifically for the beach, we received a lot of feedback asking us to design a similar game that could be played anywhere. That feedback led to the development of Sand-Toss which was launched in January of 2010. Sand-Toss takes all the ease and convenience from SandHole but the target design allows it to be played anywhere. There is a scoring grid on the target which eliminates the need for the cup or hole. Customers are playing Sand-Toss on the beach but they are also able to play it in parking lots at tailgates and in their backyard.

We designed these games for fun and always welcome ideas and candid feedback to help improve the games and the playing experience.